My first blog post! Welcome

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I am a newbie in this blogging/social media world of writing and posting my experiences and opinions for the public eye to see. Therefore, I would imagine that my writing style is a bit ‘stiff’ I guess you could say, but as time goes on and the more I share I hope to have the ability to open my mind and share my thoughts. After all, I started this page as a way to express myself, build my image and share my life with other people.

As I mature and grow into a professional woman, I started to learn how life works and how much value each day has. ย Life is so unexpected and unpredictable. You might not always know what is coming or if you will like the next stage you are headed towards, but that’s the beauty of it. If we always knew what was coming life would be bland and boring. For example, January 10, 2016 my father and I packed up our belongings, sold the house and got on a plane to live in South, Korea. Months before the move I had no clue that I would have one of my many dreams come true. Like this experience, I know that I have many more to come. My intention is that this blog will help me capture and preserve those memories.


Embrace the unexpected

Welcome to my blog


1 comments on “My first blog post! Welcome”

  1. Hi natalyaninitz,your father is andrew nimitz,right?.after i read your blog, im dreaming to come there soon to experience ,what you have done experinced!,

    I am so interested to see, the beautiful places ,parks,and restaurants there!.
    To meet new people, to adapt thier cultures, and find a job,.

    Im getting process my passport now and apply visa in online . So.

    I hope it will come true..:)

    I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks. Natalya for sharing your experienced in “KOREA”.;)


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