Korean Rap? 5 BEST Experiences of the Hiphopplaya Festival



Are you a die-hard fan of Korean Hip-hip like I am? Dok-2, Jay Park, Crush, Dynamic Duo, Hashswan, Tablo and several other Korean hip-hop and R&B artists perform at this yearly music festival at the Nanji Hangang River park (Seoul)! In this post I will tell you the best parts/performances of the Hiphopplaya festival, plus I will add in some much-needed advice for those who attend this festival!

#1. The variety of the artists:

Before the festival starts there is a list (a rather long list) of the artists that will be performing. There is a pleasing mixture of the “Big name” artists such as Dok2, Bewhy, Cjamm, Dean, etc. Yet, what I really love are the small/up-and-coming artist that have the most surprising performances. I end up leaving the festival with a few new rappers/singers that I never knew of before! Some of which I am still a fan of today. CLICK on the link below to see the line up for 2017. hhp 3

Dean and Crush

#2. Being Close to the Artists!

Depending on how early you get to the festival will depend on how close you can get to the front of the stage. If I do say so myself being near the front of the stage has its pros and cons. Pros: Being able to touch the performers, clear view, more crowd energy, GREAT PICTURES! Cons: The pushing of the crowd, not able to use the restroom, standing for hours. Is it worth it to be close? The answer is yes and no, your answer depends on what you want to get out of the concert.

ADVICE: If you want to clearly see the performances and have Top-notch pictures then be sure to get to the event 2 hours early and DO NOT drink too much water (no pee breaks for you). On the other hand, if you would like to casually listen to the music and sit on that comfy beach towel with some Kimbab, then I would suggest coming at whatever time you would like.

#3. The quality of the performances! (The Hype IS REAL!!!)

It’s time to TURN UP when you are at the HIPPHOPPLAYA FESTIVAL! Wear the comfy-est pair of sneaker that you own because you will be jumping and dancing. Korean artists pour their heart and soul into their performances and you can definitely feel their hard work and creativity. At the 2016 festival, I would give the best performance award to…DEAN. He was singing at the top of his lungs along with some smooth dance moves. The crowd feeds off of each artist energy and it is an experience that is unlike other concerts that I have been to before.

IIlionaire Gang!

#4. Other Festival Activities (Fan signings, merchandise store, food and more)

In addition to the artist’s performances, there are other ‘tents’ that have a variety of merchandise such as concert t-shirts, bags, hats, stickers, bottles and more. They also sold some of the artists older/newer albums as well! I really liked that they had this feature because I like to have keepsakes/memorabilia for my moments of reminiscing. You will also have the chance to meet an artist and have them sign an item. (Sik-k was doing a fan-signing)

Sik-K fan signing

With such a long festival, there has to be food right? Correct! The food here isn’t your average concert food! There is a pretty good selection of Korean Food trucks that serve a varies of food. Korean pork belly sandwiches, gourmet fried rice, chicken wings, beef tip stir-fry. I am not sure if I was more excited about the food or the music! You definitely have a happy belly.

ADVICE: Traveling on a budget? If you are not looking to spend any extra money on food? No problem. The restrictions on outside food and drinks are expressed, but it is not pressed. I did end up packing a water bottle and 2 rolls of Kimbab in my bag just in case I got hungry, and it came in handy. I would advise to pack any snacks/drinks at the bottom of your bag and place a towel or shirt on top.


#5. Meeting other K-HipHop Friends. 

Concert Buddies

Whether you traveling with a group of friends to the festival or you are a lone wolf the Hiphopplaya festival is a great place to meet new friends. My first time going to the festival, I was going alone. Indeed, I was afraid of going to a concert alone as a foreigner in Korea, but I did not let that stop me from enjoying myself. There are hundreds of foreigners that go to concerts in Korea, at this festival I was supposed to see so many different people! As I was standing near the front of the stage and just minutes before the performances began, I met a stranger from France who shared the same passion for Korean music as I did. We ended up enjoying the whole concerts together and going out to eat after. She became one of my good friends and I even met up with her a year later when she came back to Korea.

ADVICE: DO NOT be afraid to go alone! It could be the best experience that you’ve ever had. Be open, talk to others, and make new friends.

Usually this 6 hour long music festival is held between the late spring/early summer months (April-May).

Visit the Hiphopplaya website for information about the festival, posts and music videos of current and up&coming Korean Rap and R&B artists, and much more: Hiphopplaya Site

Where to buy the tickets? The tickets are usually sold via Interpark or Melon.





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8 comments on “Korean Rap? 5 BEST Experiences of the Hiphopplaya Festival”

  1. Hi! Saw this through the tags and I’m glad to see someone talking about their experience during the Hiphopplaya Festival. I am a big fan of the Korean hiphop scene so yeah. Followed you! Have a great day! 😀


    1. Hi there Cessa! I’m glad you liked my post! Korean hiphop is so underrated in my opinion. I wanted to show how passionate the artists are about their music. I will be posting more about Korean Rap soon. Thanks for the support!


  2. Thank you so much for this post! I’m planning to go for this year HHP alone and its my first time so this helps a lot! May I know do u need a melon account / interpark to purchase ticket?
    And will you be attending this year festival?


    1. Hello Naqiah! I’m happy that you enjoyed my post. Yes, you will need to make an account to purchase the tickets, but both Melon and Interpark websites are easy to navigate (they have the option to switch to the English version). I would say the most confusing part is now the lines are set up at the festival. I have been to two of them and the process was different both times. Sadly, I am not in Korea this year, but maybe next year I can go. I hope you have a blast! Let me know if you have any other questions:)


      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my comment! I do have few more questions, if you don’t mind me asking..
        Did you go for the fan signing (based on the SikK pic you posted)? Based on yr pics, you’re very near the stage! So i wonder if u left halfway to attend the fansigning.. If you did, are we allowed to ask them to sign on anything? Or must it be official merch (albums for example) ?

        Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking your time to reply to me ❤


      2. Of course, I am glad to help! So for the fan signings, they happen throughout different times of the festival. It can sometimes suck because if you have a good spot at the front of the stage for the performances, a fan signing might happen while your favorite artist is about to come out. If you leave to go to a fan signing, you will not be able to get back to the front of the stage. They normally have a schedule for the performances and signings, so I would make a plan depending on who you really want to see. I believe that you can bring anything for them to sign and they have tickets for the signings. Meaning that you have to stand in line for an extra ticket for the signing events. (I hope that makes sense)

        For that spot that I had near the stage, I got to the venue at like 10:00am and waited until they opened the gates. It was a bit intense, but definitely worth it for the experiences. Are there any other topics/events/travel experiences in Korea that you would like to hear about? I would be happy to post something:)


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