About Me

From a Small Town Girl to a World Traveler

Even though I grew up in the largest city in North Carolina (Charlotte),  it felt like growing up inside of a snow-globe. I was the little figurine restricted to my own little circular glass-like world. Through media such as YouTube, TV shows and Instagram, I was able to see glimpses of what adventures and wonderful experiences that the world has to offer. As cliche as it sounds, I knew at a young age that my life’s purpose was to travel the world and widen my small-town mind. It seems as if my family knew this as well because I was known among my family as “the girl who can’t stay in one place”, hence my self-given name “The Wayward Explorer“.

High School Days

My name is Natalya Nimitz and I am the small town girl who became the Wayward explorer. Professionally, I have a strong passion for  marketing, social media marketing and advertising. Adventure, excitement, love and happiness are just a few of life’s important values in my eyes. Throughout my childhood and lasting into my adulthood, I have developed passion for traveling, unexpected experiences, delicious food, outdoor activities and giving back to the community/helping others. My first specific dream of traveling began with studying, living, and exploring South Korea. Beginning with Kpop and Kdramas, my fascination with the Korean Language and Culture began!

From the year of 2014 through 2015, I studied the Korean language from listening/watching Korean music, dramas, taking college courses, while not having a 100% reliable plan on how I was even going to get to South Korea. I knew somehow I would get my chance to quench my thirst for living abroad and guess what? I did. At the beginning of 2016, my father and I packed our belongings, sold our house and moved our focus to South Korea. I ended up living in Korea for 2 years and I have thousands of amazing and memorable experiences to show for it. Some would say that I became a Korean Native.


This blog is a insight to my life goals, experiences and adventures that I have had not only in Korea, but in other places as well! In the past, I have always had the interest to start a blog, YouTube channel, or social media channel to share my experiences to help others and to express my thoughts and feelings. Although, just like most of us in life, I am busy with my daily life and put my goals and interests on the back burner. After a few unfortunate events, I decided to stop procrastinating and take the time to do what I desire and make myself happy. After all, if we don’t take the time to do want we want now, we may never get the chance to do it in the future.


My goal of this blog is to show others the joys and possibility that life has to offer, while also building my image both as a professional and well-rounded being. This will include blog posting about my travels, professional and life experiences, personal thoughts/questions and much more. Please contact me with any questions or feel free to leave a comment!

~The Wayward Explorer