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6 Places in Paris That Will Blow You Away!

#1 The Eiffel Tower

One cannot simply tour Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower! Now if you are not a fan of the ‘mainstream’ Parisian attractions you will see it from many different spots in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is about 300 meters tall (984 ft). During the nineteenth century, when it tower was completed it stood almost two times higher than the Washington Monument in D.C., meaning it was the tallest land structure in the world. It took about two years to complete, used about 12,000 iron pieces, and seven million nails to construct.

Gustave Eiffel, the mastermind behind the creation of the Eiffel Tower was known for his innovative bridge building techniques. His unique work is not only see in Europe, but it is also in America as well. Can you think of which famous landmark was constructed by Eiffel? That’s right, the Statue of Liberty.

During the day time the Eiffel tower is stunning in her own natural beauty state, yet the night views are spectacular. From Sunset until 1am every night on top of the hour, the Eiffel Tower is illumined with golden a covering and sparkles for 5 minutes. So grab a picnic blanket, wine, snacks, and good company to enjoy this stunning light shoe on the grassy yards around the tower.

#2 The Palais Garnier

Builtby the genius Charles Garnier between 1865-1872, the Palais Garnier, also known as the Opera Garnier, is the most impressive attraction in all of Paris! That is definitely a matter of opinion, but you must see it and decide for yourself.

This luxurious masterpiece, was basically inspired by Classic Italian architecture yet completed in a classic French form. The marble exterior of the Opera house gently prepares you for the fancy sensory overload of the interior.   

The Grand Staircase massive. The staircase is housed a huge nave made of pink, green and white marble. It makes you feel as if you are a French royal who is adorned in jewels who is ready to see the amazing performance. In the auditorium there are a plethora of minute details. Without question the main attraction is the famous “Chagall ceiling and the 8-ton chandelier hanging down from it. Chagall’s masterpiece was actually painted only in 1965, replacing a few others before it.” The Grand Foyer is my favorite of the whole Opera House! “About 18 meters high, 154 meters long and 13 meters wide hall,” the grand foyer is a beauty to behold.

The Phantom of the Opera

For those who are fans of musicals or theatre, you might recognize the importance of this Opera House. In 1896, the chandelier counterweights loosened and flew down into the crowd, killing an audience member. This event, was the basis that inspired the legendary Phantom of the Opera. If you are lucky enough maybe you will get to see the Phantom!

No matter what time of year, the Palais Garnier is open almost every day. It is easy to spend over 5 hours in the Opera House, so this is the perfect place to visits on a rainy Paris day. Tickets cost about €11 per adult and for an extra €5, you can get a hand-held self-guided audio tour (which is recommend). This is a must-see!

#3 Montmartre

What is the most charming area of Paris? Of course, it’s Montmarte! Quaint coffee shops and cafes, small art shops, cobblestone alleys, vintage markets, you can walk around for days and find all sorts of gems. Step back into the 1920’s and take scenic ride in an old Parisian classic car or walk around at your leisure. Both methods will definitely make you fall in love with this once before quite village. Get your camera ready!

A brief history of Montmartre

In the past, Montmartre was not considered not to be a part of Paris. Although it is in the heart of Paris, you will feel as if you are in the calm countryside’s of France. It was a small, yet adorable homey village. While most of Paris is modern and bustling with the population quickly increase, Montmartre is stuck in its own charming bubble. Time does not seem to age this place.

In the last 100 years, Montmartre become increasing more popular among tourists. Yet, Montmartre was traditionally a hub for creative thinkers, writers, artists, like Picasso, and Van Gogh. Nowadays, Instagram-able cafés, vintage stores, unique boutiques, are lined up on every street and around every corner.

#4 Insta-worthy shots of La Maison Rose

La Maison Rose is absolutely the cutest and most Pariisian restaurant/café that you can visit in Montmartre. During the summer months, a few tables and chairs are placed on the cobble stone at this outside of the restaurant and you can eat in ‘plein air’. The meal in the picture above, is a delicious (and vegetarian) Montmartre platen from La Maison Rose. A dish here is not cheap, but you can taste the love and fresh ingredients that the chefs use! Totally worth a pretty penny, especially for my fellow foodies! After all, La Maison Rose itself has been open for 100 years, “with artists like Picasso frequenting the establishment during his day.”

#5 Watch artists at work in Place du Tertre

Art lovers unite! Have you ever seen streets filled up with A1 professional artist? Place du Tertre is home to some of the best current artists in Paris. Stunning art is displayed and is of course up for sale to the highest bidder with the deepest pockets. Not all prices are expensive, some are available for reasonable prices (time to haggle!). For a not-so-cheap price tag, most artist will draw or paint you or anything that you request that takes less than 2 hours to complete. Oh and it is CASH ONLY!

#6 Moulin Rouge Show

The most iconic show is Paris’ Moulin Rouge (built in 1885). It was is known for its endless wine and bottomless Champagne parties that made cabaret and French cancan dance very popular. Cabaret dancers are not only female, to popular belief. Muscular males with excellent stature and dance talents add a balancing mix to the performance.

Moulin Rouge is admired for its addictive high-energy can-can dance, with a chorus lines that are sang by the most of elegant of female dancers “ruffling their dresses between a series of high kicks, splits and cartwheels. But there’s a whole range of famous performers who have graced these stages from the likes of Yvette Guilbert, Jane Avril, and Josephine Baker, and not just dancers, but also singers such as American legend Frank Sinatra and France’s national chanteuse Édith Piaf.”

Shows like Moulin Rouge do have nudity, so please do not bring anyone to the show who is underage. Tickets to the Moulin Rouge show are very expensive, but there are several other more affordable options that are just as stunning!