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Locks of Love at Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower)

Located at the top of the formerly and famously known Namsan Tower (now called Seoul Tower) are the hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of LOVE LOCKS. These ‘locks of love’ are added by couples that have the desire to secure their love by writing their names, initials, or a short message onto the lock and adding to these colorful, yet somewhat overwhelming walls of ‘eternal love’.

In Korea, some couples believe that if they “lock their love” at Namsan Tower then their love will last forever. I am not too sure if this is taken seriously or for fun, but either way, it is definitely a sight to see! I would like to find one of the first couples to locked their love to see if this myth is sound!

There are many walls, shapes, and sculptures with these locks. In addition, at the top of the tower, you are able to see, what seems like, all of Seoul. Miles and miles of city; a literal concrete jungle.  From my many travels in Korea I would place ‘Locks of Love’ at Namsan tower at the top of the ‘must see’ list. Even if you are not visiting Namsan Tower with the love of your life and are with friend or family, you can still make your own personal addition to the locks. If you have a burning hot love for let’s say…. your favorite KPOP group, go on and lock it up! If you forget to bring your own lock, do not fret there are a large variety of locks that are sold in the tower’s gift shop.

How to get there:

Get off at Myeong-dong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) and Exit 3.
Walk for about 15 minutes following the street on the right side of the Pacific Hotel. The cable car boarding place will be seen ahead.

I would recommend taking the cable car up to the Tower unless you would like a sweaty workout! The cable car will cost about 8,000 Won per person (one-way).

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