Switzerland in 2 Days: The Alps and The City

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TITLIS Rotair – the world’s first revolving cable car, glacier cave, TITLIS Cliff Walk – Europe’s highest suspension bridge, Ice Flyer chair lift and TITLIS glacier park.

There’s lots of fun to be had on the mountain in winter. As if skiing and snowboarding over an altitude of 2,000 metres isn’t enough, we offer snow-sure conditions from October to May, snowshoe trails, cross-country ski runs, a toboggan run and winter walking trails. In summer, there’s a host of other activities to enjoy such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, rowing on Trübsee lake, scootering and the TITLIS Adventure Park.


Explore the Swiss Alps at Mount Titlis!

From the top of mount Titlis

Ride the TITLIS Rotair cable car that rotates its way upwards to the tippy tops of the snow-cap summit of TITLIS. If you show chose to take the cable car to the top, you would have ridden the world’s first revolving cable car that is about 3,020 metres above sea-level. Those who are afraid of heights are better off staying at the station or have a buddy with you who can hold your hand! These scenes are from the heavens.

The cable car revolves 360 degrees during the five-minute trip, treating you to ‘Lord of the Rings-like’ panoramic views of steep rock faces, deep dark crevasses and snowy white-covered mountain peaks.

Stay at the foothill of Mt. Titlis in Engleburg

The backyard view from my Hostel

The quaint, yet magical village of Engelberg in Central Switzerland’s Uri Alps was formed around a medieval monastery.

As mentioned previously, this town is known for steep skiing and breathtaking adventures at Mount Titlis. Pack a pair of durable hiking shoes of toy plan to explore the 3,200-meter peak to the south of Engelberg. At the summit you have the opportunity walk through a natural glacier and cross the highest suspension bridge in Europe!

At the foothills of the mountain, are small family-owned shops, restaurants, lounges, and hostels. If you are looking to have a wild night out, you may be disappointed, as this down is calm and slow moving. This is a perfect place to roam the city streets, grab a beer, and look up at the peaks around you.

Mini trip Switzerland’s Capital City! Zurich!

Forget foggy London and buzzing Paris, Switzerland is all about understated elegance.

The river that goes through Zurich adds even more charm to a city that already looks like something out of a fairytale. Charming pebbled streets, shimmering waters (lakes and rivers, they have it all), majestic mountains and gorgeous architecture – the Swiss capital is a surprisingly peaceful oasis in the heart of Europe.

For many, Zürich is a place for a quick business trip or a stopover, often on route to Swiss ski resorts or other European destinations. I had gone through Zürich several times but never paid a proper visit until recently. But the mix of historically relevant sites, excellent art space and stylish restaurants makes it a pleasant weekend destination.

Zürich resembles neither London, where the grand Buckingham Palace is forever swamped by tourists, nor Paris where opulent architecture dominates the city and fashionable crowds are prancing along Champ Elysées. But this compact Swiss city prides itself on its history of significant cultural and political movements. It has celebrated cafes. Some of the world’s most famous chocolates are made here. It may not be a fun city in a loud hedonistic way but it’s certainly worth making an effort to stay a night or two. And I’m glad I did.

Take the lake-cruise from Bürkliplatz for a one hour boat ride

River Limmat is the heart of the city, flowing between the old town and the modern financial district. Take a cruise along it to discover the typical houses of the old town, City Hall, the historic Lindenhof site and Grossmünster Church, an impressive 13th-century building that can’t be missed. An easy and charming way of exploring the best bits of Zurich.

Explore Lucerne

If spare time to spend in Zurich, a day-trip to Lucerne is a relaxing way to discover more of Switzerland. This pleasant town is known for its incredibly well preserved medieval architecture – churches, squares , interesting shops and river-side fun.

Intriguing architecture, a mountainous panorama and the shimmering lake with flower frames make Lucerne a true Swiss gem that deserves to be visited.

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